Robot nature mimicry…Theo Jansen sculptures


Life imitates art. Art projects or is a representation of life. And life is apart of nature, so it’s not to far of a stretch to have robots, moving sculptures that are imitations life, begin to mimicry nature.  I am always on the look out for how objects, inanimate or otherwise give of a life of their own. A placement with in the circle of life.  As humans we connect with objects all of the time. So when I found the footage and website of Theo Jansen it was a beautiful example of how the structure of life might possibly evolve from objects.
Theo Jansen is a world renowned physicist and Dutch artist. He is using artificial materials to create walking sculptures which imitate animals that live off of wind/kinetic energy and show a form of evolution in the development of life.  These complex sculptures live on their own on beaches that Theo has placed them.  Through their design and movement they show their dependability on nature, on renewable resources and teach us of another structure of life through exploring it’s own evolution. Who would think that we would be staring a creatures moving skeleton walking around in our world and say “That’s beautiful or I can relate to that.” Or maybe just maybe it is showing us how to look at the beauty of our own life.

Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest

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